Living Above The Clouds

lp_topodasesFor the past two decades, Jonathan and Elaine Topodas lived hectic, high-speed lives that revolved around a bustling D.C. lifestyle. While they certainly created a great, meaningful life together, they were growing weary of the grind. “We were ready for a change,” Jonathan says. “It was time. That whole process of going to work when it’s dark, then coming home when it’s dark, being caught up in that whole cycle, it gets old.”

Change of scenery: from concrete jungle to mountain paradise

It was in 2010 that the Topodases committed “to making a move.” They looked around for about a year till they settled on the perfect mountain community: Blue Ridge Mountain Club in the High Country of North Carolina. “We knew when we saw it: this is the place,” Elaine says. “It was just a feeling we had here. We connected with these mountains. We loved the grand views and the high altitude. As I explain it to friends, Blue Ridge Mountain Club lets us live above the clouds.”

Grounded in an authentic mountain community

If living above the clouds was the dream, it’s what happens at ground level that sealed the deal for Jonathan and Elaine. “From our very first visit here,” Elaine says, “we felt at home. Everyone we met seemed so genuine and helpful. There was a sense of true community that we experienced at the social events and lawn parties. We hadn’t seen that at other properties.”

The Call to BRMC

It was the communal spirit, combined with the peace and serenity that the High Country instills, that made this the ideal choice for the Topodas family. As a relaxed Jonathan notes, “I wish I could show my former colleagues and associates the ‘commute’ I have now — the gorgeous, winding, panoramic descent from the Gate House to the Pavilion and then up to our house. It’s a little more inspiring than traffic jams on the Washington Beltway.” Inspiring indeed, above the clouds, all the way down to the valley floor, it’s a change of scenery that never grows old.

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