Work and Play is the Day-to-day

lp_fb_lapidus_familyThere was much that attracted Marilyn and Steve Lapidus to North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountain Club (BRMC). A heavenly location just beneath the clouds. Sweeping panoramic views of High Country splendor. Quiet solitude that nourishes the soul. A sense of community that fuels the spirit. And close proximity to downtown Blowing Rock, often referred to as the “Prettiest Small Town in America.”

A setting that has it all

It wasn’t just one thing that attracted Marilyn and Steve. It was, rather, the combination of offerings—location, amenities, infrastructure, activities, quality homes—that lured them from their South Florida home to the North Carolina mountains. “It didn’t just give us the best of both worlds,” says Marilyn Lapidus. “It gave us the best of all worlds. Blue Ridge Mountain Club was the one place that we felt allowed us to work and play and live the multi-faceted life we have created.”

Mixing business and pleasure

lp_fb_dupuy_familyAs two busy, productive people—who also have kids and grandkids—Marilyn and Steve were looking for a home and a location that fit their active lifestyle. “It was important that we find a place that had the infrastructure and connectivity for me to conduct business here, in the mountains, as well as in Miami,” Steve says. “Blue Ridge Mountain Club allows me to do that. It gives me the perfect balance of work and recreation, all in one place.”

A perfect recipe for happiness

For Marilyn, who is a self-professed “foodie,” Blue Ridge Mountain Club has enabled her to pursue her true passion:  cooking and baking.  Her past accomplishments include working in New York with Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet, and later in Miami, starting a catering business, cooking classes, and a dessert-only business out of her kitchen. “Baking and cooking are a big part of my life,” Marilyn says.  “At Blue Ridge Mountain Club I am able to continue that passion within this wonderful community.” Indeed, her cakes, cookies, desserts, and parties are already legendary amongst fellow Members.  She is always a key contributor and organizer at numerous events, parties, and holiday gatherings—a task she is more than happy to do. “I just love cooking for others. Steve and I designed my amazing kitchen (a necessity for me) so that I can cook and bake to my heart’s content while enjoying the incredible mountain views and activities in the community.”

A home that accommodates your lifestyle

Whether it’s baking for BRMC Members, or working, or hiking, or entertaining grandkids…or simply enjoying the amazing mountain views at every turn, Marilyn and Steve have found a true home at Blue Ridge Mountain Club. It’s a home that accommodates their dynamic lifestyle—a home as rich, varied, and multi-faceted as life itself.

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