Winter Wonderland at Blue Ridge Mountain Club

Ever since I was a child I have been enamored with snow. I was raised in the south and the promise of snow was rare, so you can imagine the childhood excitement and great anticipation that came with each white, wintry event. There are abundant reasons why I love living in the mountains, but the one that most tickles my fancy continues to be my romance with snow. 

Blowing Rock received its first, measurable snow (about 5”) on Tuesday, November 29 pointedly marking the beginning of the winter season. The first snow is usually slushy, wet and slippery, and while we all fumbled around trying to get our “snow legs” back, the moment rippled through the community in the form of phone calls of dismay and excitement, a shortened school day, snowmen and snowball fights. 

My love affair with snow will continue long into the future and I suspect I will never tire of the anticipation that comes with the first flakes, the promise of a big snow and Norman Rockwellian scenes. For the next 90 days or so, Blowing Rock will once again be a winter wonderland and faithfully transform into a special romantic place of twinkle lights, Christmas trees, snow skiing and winter adventures, warm restaurants, hot toddies, and steaming spa treatments. So I respectfully request that you greet my “Love Winter” welcome with the same level of childlike enthusiasm, and encourage all who share the same to visit and take advantage of our winter wonderland. 

Harrison Herbst, Blue Ridge Mountain Club’s Outbound Coordinator, is ready to assist with your lodging and adventure itinerary at 828-295-8667.


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